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Peppered Bacon Wrapped Pork Fillet
Peppered Bacon Wrapped Pork Fillet

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Ingredients description

This item is a real treat! For this reason I want to give you a couple of tips before we start on the cooking instructions.

Remember pork today is very safe and does not need to be cooked until it is dried out, which occurs around about 165 degrees. With that being said, I recommend that you cook this item until the internal temperature reaches 145 degrees. This should leave the meat with a slight pinkness when cut into. This also will provide you with a very juicy and tender meal.

I recommend cutting your bites into wedge cuts, like you are cutting a piece of pie. This will allow you to enjoy the Peppered bacon with each bite of the natural pork. I know you will be tempted to peel that nice piece of Peppered bacon off the tenderloin and eat it, just do me, and yourself, a favor and save it for the eating experience.
Cooking recommendation:

Stove top:

Pre-heat pan on medium high.
Brush olive oil on both sides of the Pork fillet.
Add a light amount of salt to both sides.
Cook the bacon around the outside for a couple of minutes using tongs to roll the pork fillet.
When the pan is greased from the bacon cooking, and you are satisfied with the look, sear both sides for about 5-6 minutes.
Add salt and/or your favorite seasoning as soon as you flip the pork to sear each side. After searing, and seasoning, reduce the heat, allowing approximately two (2) minutes on each side.
Check the temperatures with an instant read thermometer. 145 degrees is the desired temperature.
Make sure to time your other dishes, such as garlic mashed potatoes and pan fried green beans with chopped bacon and onions, to finish at appproximately the same time so that you can enjoy all of these items at their peak flavor.

Broiling and grilling

Use the guidelines from above while positioning the meat on the grill to keep your heat source 4” from the Peppered Bacon wrapped pork fillet.

No need to sear the sides when grilling.

Additional Thoughts

Don't forget to pair your meal with a nice drink of your choice.


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